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Hiking Boots

Join us for an exciting opportunity to participate in

Healing Journeys Backpacking Expedition on October 15-18!

Healing Journeys is a joint program sponsored by WELP and our partner Southern Changeworks that consists of a four-day, three-night expedition into the picturesque Sipsey Wilderness of Northwest Alabama. This program is for combat veterans and first responders that aims to mix the serenity of the wilderness with proven and tangible techniques for coping with lingering negative effects of traumatic experiences encountered in the line of duty.


The following four tools will be woven throughout the journey:
1) The Wilderness
2) Journaling
3) Somatic Tools (e.g. tapping techniques, breath-work)
4) Mindfulness and Awareness Exercises


This is a FREE program for veterans and first responders and will be done on a first come first serve basis. The last day to register is September 15, 2021, so register now by emailing the application to! All food and camping equipment will be provided to participants for the duration of the journey.


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