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We have a wonderful partnership with the Alabama Mountains Rivers and Valleys Resource Conservation and Development Council (AMRV-RC&D) at the WaterWorks Center for Environmental Education to develop and train tomorrow’s leaders by engaging youth in leadership development, identifying and addressing community needs, and team building skills through healthy outdoor physical activities including a one-night canoe camping trip on Flint Creek in Decatur. This effort is being led by experienced and qualified instructors in the field and on the water. The following activities will occur.

Step 1 - Leadership Development and Team Building: Outdoor activities to develop team and individual confidence, self-esteem, and leadership within participants.

Step 2 – Skill Development through Youth Corp Camp: Use the knowledge and resources of leaders to build skills and prepare participants to identify and implement solutions for community issues.

  • Current or retired Corporate/ Business leaders will train and mentor, sharing life, leadership and marketing skills.

  • RC&D staff and others on grant writing or fund raising techniques.

  • RC&D Board, staff will teach non-profit operations and grant selection process

  • RC&D staff/WELP partners will teach and mentor youth in grant implementation strategies and grant tracking


Step 3 – Community Problem Identification: Youth Corp members will identify community needs where they live, choose several priority community problems and bring ideas back to the Youth Corp Team and RC&D and/or WELP staff. Based on feedback, each Youth Corps members will choose their top community development problem to address.

Step 4 – Implementation: Youth Corp Member

  • Writes grant to address selected problems/needs.

  • Selects a local entity to administer the project

  • Prepare and present their project idea to the Youth Corp / WELP Team and RC&D Staff.

  • Team selects projects to fund.

  • Monitor their entity’s implementation and photo document.

  • Present the results of their projects to RC&D Board and/or Council.


Step 5- Evaluate…Team and staff will evaluate the completed projects and develop lessons learned.

To learn more visit their webpage at or find them on Facebook!

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